A Quiet Farewell to Flossie’s Southern Cuisine

It’s been just over a month now and I’m still coming to grips with the closing of Flossie’s Southern Cuisine.

Flossies Southern Cuisine ceased operations at their location in Torrance in August.

Flossies Southern Cuisine ceased operations at their Torrance location in August.

Word of the quiet closing came from the Flossie’s Facebook page, a short write up in la.eater.com, and a brief epitaph in Easy Reader News.

I even went through a sort of foodie’s stages of grief:

Denial: “Can’t be true.  Let me check Yelp.”

Anger: “Why did they close!?  Why didn’t I go there more often!?”

Bargaining:  “OK, they closed due to some kind of changes in restaurant codes but maybe they can open in a new location or start a food truck business…”

Depression: “Man.  It’s going to be hard to find fried chicken that good in the South Bay for a long time.”

And finally, Acceptance.

To the family of Flossie’s Southern Cuisine, I really appreciated the meals that I had in your restaurant.  I hope your recipes continue to bring smiles to people’s faces and inches to their waistlines for many years to come.

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