Don Miguel’s Cocina Mexicana: Torrance’s Newest Mexican Eatery

There’s a new place offering up delicious Mexican cuisine in the South Bay! Don Miguel’s Cocina Mexicana recently opened up in Torrance at the corner of Anza Avenue and Torrance Blvd.

They serve traditional Mexican breakfast, lunch, and dinner at very reasonable prices. Breakfast delights include huevos rancheros and frittata de huevos. All of their breakfast entrees are served with rice and beans. The morning offerings start at $5.50.

For lunches and dinners, they offer up tortas, soles, tacos, fajitas, and burritos. I recently had the chance to try their tacos and was very impressed. With taco prices starting at $2.60, these tacos are quite a deal! The tacos are served with onions, cilantro, salsa and choice of meat. Customers can choose from beef asada, chicken, pork carnitas, pork al pastor, shrimp or fish tacos.

Chicken tacos from Don Miguel's Cocina Mexicana.

Chicken tacos from Don Miguel’s Cocina Mexicana.

All of Don Miguel’s food is cooked fresh right after you order which guarantees you a hot, fresh delicious meal. They offer complimentary chips and salsa while you wait.

It’s nice to see another spot in the South Bay offering Mexican cuisine. Tasty, fresh traditional Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices, Don Miguel’s is sure to be loved by many South Bay Foodies.

  • Don Miguel’s Cocina Mexicana
    • 4509 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503; (310) 370-9077
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2 Responses to “Don Miguel’s Cocina Mexicana: Torrance’s Newest Mexican Eatery”

  1. I pass by this place at least every other day so I’ll be checking it out. Thanks for the post!

  2. Glad to hear, Eric! Hope you enjoy.