Mendocino Farms Introduces a Deconstructed Spring Roll Salad

Mendocino Farms operates a small chain of fast-casual sandwich concept restaurants with a bent towards using local ingredients with fresh baked artisan bread. They recently opened up a location at The Point in El Segundo. I found out about their new Spring Roll Salad and decided to try it for myself.

Mendocino Farms describes their Spring Roll Salad as their version of a deconstructed Thai spring roll.

A dish is often described as “deconstructed”, but what does that mean? Simply put, deconstructing food is to simply take a part a dish or recipe into its different taste elements or ingredients.

Thai Spring Roll Salad

Thai Spring Roll Salad

Mendocino Farms’ take on a deconstructed Thai Spring Roll is absolutely delicious. The firm tofu has an almost meat-like texture. Combined with the almond satay sauce, it is full of flavor. The almonds and the cucumbers provide some crunchiness. Napa cabbage is a good addition as this provides a rough texture to the salad. Butter lettuce, pickled daikon, julienned carrots, cilantro, almonds, red onion and cucumbers round out the ingredients and add a lot of color. It is tossed with a housemade vinaigrette and topped with sliced avocados.

Since I observe “Meatless Monday”, I visited Mendocino Farms on a Monday for lunch. It’s now my favorite salad served in the South Bay. It’s even gluten-free!

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