Recap of The Taste of San Pedro

z_entranceThe Taste of San Pedro is a lively outdoor food event featuring San Pedro’s finest in food, craft beer, cocktails and fine wine. In addition, there is live music, dancing and performances that gives the event a party-like atmosphere. Since it takes place at Crafted at the Port, they also have beautiful handmade creations for sale.

The event originated in a San Pedro parking lot in 1989 and it has evolved over the years. In 2012, they took a three-year hiatus. In 2015, they reshaped it and made it more appealing to individuals interested in gourmet food, craft beer and cutting edge beverages.

Walking through ticketing, I noticed that the action was taking place outdoors in front of the building. Restaurant and craft brewery stations were lined up on the perimeter; the center section  was devoted to craft cocktails and premium wines.


People's Place Pacers line dancers

People’s Place Pacers line dancers

The bar was lively because they had “Happy Hour” from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. All premium drinks were free with the paid admission. I was impressed that they were pouring craft spirits such as Vito’s Handmade Vodka and Templeton Rye Whiskey. San Pedro’s line dance team, People’s Place Pacers, got the crowd energized with their upbeat line dancing.

Upstairs, they had an exclusive wine room for individuals that purchased VIP tickets. Tables were abundant and it was much quieter than being outside. Nearby the warehouse had someone playing an acoustic guitar. The typical craft vendors you find in Crafted at the Port were open and had their wares available for sale.  

z_sanpedroSan Pedro Brewing Company was my first stop. They offered a Port Town Pilsner and a Shanghai Red Ale; I chose the latter. It hit the spot as I was warm, hungry and looking for a great experience.

It was the finest San Pedro has to offer. In addition to San Pedro Brewing Company, J Trani’s Ristorante, Gaffey Street Diner, Buono’s Pizza, The Whale and Ale, Beach City Grill, Neil’s Pasta and Seafood Grill and others were providing sample sized portions of their food.

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What was my favorite offering? I think it was the Bluefin Tuna Tartar by J Trani’s Ristorante. Small chunks of Bluefin Tuna were combined with miniature chunks of fresh mango and basil. Their second offering was pretty good too – tempura shishito peppers.

I rarely frequent San Pedro and I was happy that I was able to sample San Pedro’s finest in one place. Menus were abundant and you can learn more about each of the vendor’s offerings. In particular, the Whale and Ale made mention that their crab cakes were of a high quality and after eating one, I agree. Combined with the live music and dancing, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday evening.

The Taste of San Pedro

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2 Responses to “Recap of The Taste of San Pedro”

  1. Thanks Bryan!
    My (now) old stomping grounds. I read your tweets & looked forward to your article here. I wasn’t disappointed!
    I’ve never been to Crafted, but passed by it constantly leaving & going to the house. A few friends have been there & enjoyed seeing everything.
    I’m glad it was there instead of in Ports O Call, as weekends get massively crowded, plus traffic. Crafted is just far enough away that traffic isn’t too bad.
    Enjoyed your write up. My only thing I can add is we got our home delivery pizza & pasta from Buonos. Loved it! Since I moved there I’d been getting Pizza Hut, & altho I enjoyed it, once I had Buonos there was no comparison & any pasta or pizza we got was from Buonos!
    Never changed!
    Glad you liked everything! My former neighbor worked at J Trans. Never went.
    The food I miss the most from that area is Busy Bee & Sandwich Saloon.
    Thanks for another great write up!

  2. Doug,

    Thanks for commenting. I don’t frequent San Pedro that often and I was really happy for the opportunity to sample so many offerings in once place. The food and the drink was great, but I really enjoyed at how electric the event was. There was quite a few live acts (music, dancing, etc.).

    I appreciate your words.