Jonathan Gold’s 99 Essential LA Restaurants

Each year, LA Weekly gives their resident food critic, Jonathan Gold, enough paper and ink to list what he feels are the 99 restaurants (plus or minus) essential to LA’s dining tapestry.

While that list is a great read, sometimes we just want to find the place!  To that end, we’ve put together this map of all 99 or so places as referenced from LA Weekly’s website.

Use this map to find “essential” spots in your neighborhood for dinner or close to your office for lunch.

You can use the controls to the right to narrow down your search by selecting individual cities or..get this.. use the search box to highlight items from the descriptions in the article.

Looking for tacos?  Type “tacos” in the search box and the map will be updated instantly.

This app works well with Internet Explorer and Firefox; Goggle Chrome, Safari, and Opera might have problems viewing the map and data.  Mobile devices might also have problems viewing this page.

If you have feedback, please let us know!  Head over to the contact page and send us a note.  Happy dining!