Get Set for Walk With Sally’s White Light White Night 2017

Tickets are now available for one of the South Bay’s premiere events: Walk With Sally’s White Light White Night.


Each summer, Walk With Sally holds the biggest white party in LA as a fundraiser for their ongoing mission.  This year’s soiree will include food and beverages from LA’s top restaurants, silent auctions, and entertainment featuring musical guest Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray.

Kids spell out thank you on stage. Photo courtesy of Walk With Sally.

Photo courtesy of Walk With Sally.

The proceeds from White Light White Night fund programs that support children affected by cancer.

Walk with Sally is dedicated to providing free mentoring support programs and services to children of parents, guardians or siblings who have cancer or have succumbed to cancer – one child at a time, one heart at a time.

This year’s event takes place on Saturday, July 22 starting at 5 PM.  VIP and General Admission tickets are available online.  Follow this link to get your tickets before they sell out!

Also be sure to follow Walk With Sally on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; all sites share the handle @walkwithsally.  Along with providing “likes” that spread the message about Walk With Sally’s cause, following on social media will reveal opportunities for free tickets to the event.

If you’re unable to attend, you can still support!  You can purchase tickets for an opportunity drawing for sand and snow vacations or you can make a donation of any amount.  Every little bit helps this meaningful cause.

Hope to see you at White Light White Night!

Summer Festival Season Kicks Off with LA Food Fest 2017

This weekend the LA Food Fest returns to the LA Collesium for a full day of all things tasty.
Keeping in line with other great festivals, the LA Food Fest is going back to a “one ticket for everything” model. This means that your GA or VIP ticket — which will set you back $65 or $95 respectively — gets you in the door and entitles you to all of the food tastes, beverage samples, and ice cream social goodness that your #stretchypants can handle. VIP guests are offered entry one hour early and get access to other perks.

This year’s line-up is composed of a “curated selection of 100+ of Los Angeles, So Cal, Baja and Mexico City’s best award winning chefs, restaurants, trucks, street carts and stands”.

That basically means there will be something good for everyone! Not to mention the addition of street carts and internal chefs means guests will be sampling signature dishes not available at any other food festival in LA.

Fun Experience at the 1st Annual Enchilada Festival

My aunt and I enjoy similar things in life. We both enjoy travel, food, wine, museums and Japanese American history. As a child, I even traveled to Mexico with her. Together we visited Acapulco, Taxco and Mexico City.

Usually, I’m current on my LA area food festivals, but she told me about one that I didn’t know about – The Enchilada Festival. Just like any other country, Mexico has many different styles of cuisine and because of that, there are many regional versions of the enchilada.

La Casita Mexicana and its sister restaurant Mexicano played host to a month-long tribute to the enchilada. This festival was the result of a collaborative effort between chefs Ramiro Arvizu and Jaime Martin del Campo. Between the two restaurants, over 24 different enchiladas were featured. Upon perusing both menus, I decided to go to Mexicano.

mexicanoMexicano is located in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza. My wife and I arrived before Mexicano opened which gave us an opportunity to explore the mall. Of course, I had to check out the food court and I was impressed at the diverse offerings: New York Pizza, Japanese, Chinese, Hot Wings, Mexican, Creole, Burgers and Yogurt.

Walking towards the restaurant, we could see through the window and watch the tortillas being made by hand. By the time we walked to the front of Mexicano, it was open; we were only the second table seated.

Beautiful collection of folk art

Beautiful collection of folk art

The restaurant is beautifully decorated. Mexicano gives you the feeling that you left LA and are vacationing in a luxury Mexican resort. Beautiful Mexican tile is abound, folk art from different parts of Mexico are mounted in the wall. Mexicano was definitely a treat for the eyes.

Paloma, Classic Margarita, warm chips with refried beans and cheese

Paloma, Classic Margarita, warm chips with refried beans and cheese

To set the tone for the meal, we ordered a couple of drinks. I had the Paloma and my wife requested the classic Margarita. Classic Mexican glassware was used and I appreciated the fact that they didn’t skimp on the amount that was served. Both drinks were very good.

There was a choice between 3, 5 and 7 enchiladas per person. Figuring that 7 was a bit too much, I prepaid for 5 enchiladas per person. Yes, that is a lot, but I already had in mind that we were going to have boxes to take home.

Foreground: Mole Enchilada with three sauces; Background: Enchiladas Mareñas

Foreground: Mole Enchilada with three sauces; Background: Enchiladas Mareñas

My wife’s #1 and #2 choices were the mole enchilada and enchilada suizas. I agreed with her #1 choice, but my #2 choice was Enchiladas Mareñas – stuffed with shrimp and cooked with guajillo chile and topped with a tomatillo sauce.

The mole enchilada was creatively presented with three different mole sauces. The first was the mole poblano. This is an extremely complex sauce that is made with Mexican chocolate and several different types of chiles. It is both spicy and sweet. The green mole achieves its color from the use of romaine, cilantro, serrano peppers and tomatillos. Pumpkin seeds, chile peppers, cinnamon and cumin give the red Pepian sauce a unique taste.

Enchilada en Nogada

Enchilada en Nogada

Enchilada en Nogada was the most interesting of the group. This was a creation of chefs Jamie and Ramiro. It is filled with ground pork, dried fruit, walnuts and candied cactus. It is topped with pecan cream and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. To me, it was more like a dessert dish.

I hope they bring back the enchilada festival next year. It was fun getting immersed with enchiladas this way. As my wife and I shared each enchilada, we exchanged comments. I believe the freshly made tortillas really enhanced the experience. If you have an opportunity to try this, I recommend that you watch out for the festival next year.

This Weekend! Get a Taste of San Pedro

If you’ve ever wondered what’s good to eat in San Pedro, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to find out.

The Taste of San Pedro is a great opportunity to sample the best of LA's peninsula.

The Taste of San Pedro is a great opportunity to sample the best of LA’s peninsula.

On Saturday, August 6, more than 20 San Pedro and Peninsula area restaurants and breweries will gather for a grand tasting at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles.

Featured restaurants include Gaffey Street Diner, Neil’s Pasta & Seafood Grill, The Whale & Ale and more.  Craft beer will be on tap from favorites like San Pedro Brewing Company and Brouwerij West.  Wines and spirits will be served by Young’s Market Company and Ablertsons/Vons/Pavillions.

You’ll have a few ticket options depending on how much you want to grub.  The $55 ticket includes five “tastes” of food and drinks.  the $95 VIP ticket includes early entry and an unlimited number of food and drink tastes.  Both tickets include live entertainment.  Prices for each go up if purchased the day of the event!  Buy tickets early and often.

For more information and tickets, follow this link to the Taste of San Pedro EventBrite page.

See you in Pedro!

The Redondo Beach Lobster Festival Delivers

z_bandThe 20th Annual Lobster Festival debuted Friday evening, Sept 25. It was a beautiful postcard SoCal setting at the Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach.

This year, the event organizers decided to raise the bar by inviting popular South Bay businesses to participate. In my opinion, this increased their “likeability” factor by adding new options for people that may not enjoy lobster.

Live bands performing on stage gave the audience a good vibe. Being on the beach and walking on sand really set a relaxed tone for the event.

Obtaining the lobster dinner was a breeze. After your ticket is verified, you are routed to one of 4 lines to pick up your lobster dinner. This process was extremely efficient and processed everyone quickly.

Next door to the lobster station was the “cracking station”. They used the same 4 person method to process the requests for cracking the shell of the lobster. This was both quick and interesting to watch.

In addition to lobster, Ambros was grilling bratwurst, Italian and Polish sausages. Even kids that may not have acquired adult tastes could enjoy Pedone’s Pizza, Hawaiian Tropical Shave Ice, Cream’wich ice cream and Funnel Cakes.

Individuals that purchased the three course meal from Kincaid’s were offered VIP seating under a special tent. In addition, they had a private bar with upscale beverages.

Whole lobster with cole slaw, bun and drawn butter

Whole lobster with cole slaw, bun and drawn butter with an El Segundo Brewing Company Citra Pale Ale

Cracking the shell of the lobster

Cracking the shell of the lobster

Inside the Kincaid's tent

Inside the Kincaid’s tent

Lobster roll provided by Fish Bar

Lobster roll provided by Fish Bar

Fish Bar's Lobster Taco

Fish Bar’s Lobster Taco


Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

  • Saturday, September 26, Noon-11 PM
  • Sunday, September 27, Noon-8 PM
  • Seaside Lagoon,  200 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277
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