5 for 6 ’til 7 : Flemings Adds Happy Hour

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With the economy in rough shape, the casual and fine dining scenes are becoming a fierce battle ground for customers.  A perfect indication of this is when restuarants add happy hours.  Happy Hours are a great way for restaurants to get people in the door, buying food, drinks, and maybe even an entree.

Flemings, a higher end steakhouse, has just added a happy hour.  The menu, brief but well rounded, features five selections each of cocktails, wines by the glass and appetizers all priced at $6.  The specials are available daily until 7 PM! You can check out their menu here.

Now, I’m not tripping at all on Flemings having a happy hour.  I’m a big fan of discounted food and beverages, particulary at high end places where the service quotient is high.  And with the economy the way it is, I can certainly see them doing what they need to do to increase traffic.

I’m giggling a little though, becuase the last time I was in Flemings, a server there made it seem like happy hour was the last thing they would ever do.  I simply asked if they offered a happy hour.  His reply: “No, we don’t have a happy hour.  We open at 5!”.

As if 5 PM isn’t the perfect time to get the party started! 😀

Anyway, for those of you that are blessed to have the budget to eat out and are looking for a deal, check out Flemings.  I’m sure you’ll get great food and great service…all at a great discount.


2301 Rosecrans Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245

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3 Responses to “5 for 6 ’til 7 : Flemings Adds Happy Hour”

  1. Yes!! I’m stoked! It’s about time they added one!

  2. Can’t say no to the hour that makes us all so happy! Heard the food here is pretty good, so that’s a big plus.

  3. @Annalise – yeah! i am looking forward to checking it out too; maybe next week? let me know!

    @The Duo – these days happy hour means more than ever! and yes, Flemings has very good chow. i haven’t had any of the happy hour items so i’m thrilled to check them out. and its all locations too, so you won’t have to drive all the way down to El Segundo…unless you want to join us of course! 🙂