BevMo Opens Today in Manhattan Beach


Venerable beverage retailer Beverages and More, now simply known as BevMo, opened a new location today in Manhattan Beach at 1700 Rosecrans Ave.  From what I hear, the line was out the door even before they opened.  My guess is it was all the folks that wanted to stock up for the weekend without having to drive all the way down to the Torrance store.   Yes, weekends start early in Southern California.

The new BevMo will be in good company; right next door is Fresh & Easy and right aroud the way is Trader Joe’s.  Oh, and don’t forget, right up the street is Bristol Farms.  If you’re looking for something in particular for a dinner, party, recipe, etc., someone on Rosecrans is bound to have it!

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2 Responses to “BevMo Opens Today in Manhattan Beach”

  1. eek! line out the door? the must have some grand opening goodies!

  2. yeah i don’t know what they had to start with, but this afternoon they were busy with lots of folks coming in and out. There was a wine tasting going on in the back and they were signing folks up for Club Bev in the front. I guess they are still working out some kinks; while i was in there one of the staff dropped and a full case of Heineken. Bummer!