Whole Foods Pairs Vegan Dishes with Wine

Last week, Whole Foods in Plaza El Segundo put a spin on their series of wine and beer dinners.  Instead of the usual gourmet fare, they went completely veggie with a four course meal of all vegan dishes.

Now, I’m a total omnivore but I was bummed to miss this dinner.  I was looking forward to what the minds at Whole Foods would come up with as they paired wines with each dish in this meal.  I’m thinking red wine goes with beef, right?

Thankfully, the dinner was attended by Shoshana from the vegetarian focused food blog Veggie 101.  She did a great review of each course, complete with pictures.  I’m referring you to her to get the details!  Follow the link below for the complete review.

Restaurant Review: Whole Foods El Segundo Vegetarian (Vegan) Wine Dinner, June 29, 2010

Summer Berry Salad from Whole Food's Vegetarian Wine Dinner (Courtesy of Veggie 101)

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