World Famous Peach Salad Makes A Comeback

I’ve been putting if off for too long.  Maybe it was the lack of summer sun.  Maybe it was the disparity of cook outs with friends and family.  Cook outs that start in the afternoon and go into the warm, Southern California night.

Peaches for the win!

Well, I finally got a good dose of sun and a long cook out so it was about time.  Time, for my World Famous Peach Salad.

Nicole had been asking for it and I had secretly been wanting soon.   The price of peaches fell just about right at the market so I picked some up and whipped up a batch of this simple yet elegant salad last night.  Instead of eating it right away like I usually do, I let it chill over night in the refrigerator.  Heaven!

Peaches, the next time you are in season I promise not to wait too long to make your own special salad!

Follow this link for the recipe for World Famous Peach Salad.

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2 Responses to “World Famous Peach Salad Makes A Comeback”

  1. And I think I know what kind of salad I’m making for my end of summer potluck. Thanks!