Food Truck Friday: Nana Queens Puddin’ and Wings


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The Truck:

The Nana Queens brightly colored truck, sporting a badge from the Great Food Truck Race.

The Food:

Nana Queens lemon pepper wings.

After keeping the Nanaa Queens truck on my radar for several weeks, I finally managed to rendezvous with them at K1 Speed last week. I had visions of puddin’ and wings dancing in my head so I was really excited to try their dishes.
Arriving about two hours after they started serving, I was nervous.  I had heard tale and witnessed tweets about the pudding running out all too soon. Without a doubt, I got the last or maybe next to last scoop of pudding they had, a banana-oreo-cookie pudding. A tweet from Veggie 101 had my mouth set for the banana-caramel pudding but I was happy to get what I could!

Taking advantage of a deal on wings (10 wings + 1 side + 1 soda for $10), I also ordered 5 lemon pepper wings and 5 pineapple rum BBQ.

The lemon pepper wings were a big hit with Nicole and the kids back home.  They said they were seasoned well albeit a little on the dry side. I’m glad they liked the lemon pepper because I was licking my fingers over the pineapple rum BBQ wings.  It was a perfect mashup of flavors with a smokiness from the BBQ sauce, sweetness from the pineapple, and a very small kick from the rum.  I’m guessing they soaked the pineapples in rum because the flavor was reminiscent of eating a pineapple upside down cake, complete with chunks fo pineapple on the chicken.

Pineapple rum BBQ wings from Nana Queens. The flavor is like eating a pineapple upside down cake...but with BBQ sauce...on chicken.

After sampling the savory, it was time to try a bit of the sweet.  Living up to their namesake, the pudding did not disappoint.  In fact, the banana-Oreo pudding was tremendous.  The pudding was very creamy and not too intensely banana flavored.  The addition of the Oreos — a substitute for vanilla wafers? — was a welcome diversion from traditional banana pudding.  I only picked up one serving ($5) so it was tough sharing it between three people.  The portion was fairly generous — I think two people could split one — but my greedy side came out after I tasted it.

Banana-Oreo pudding from the Nana Queens truck. I was luck to get just one!

Nana Queens has had the fortunate opportunity to participate in the Food Network show The Great Food Truck Race.   They competed against six other gourmet food trucks to have the highest sales over the course of a couple days.

Unfortunately, the Nana Queens were the first team to be sent packing up their truck and heading home.  A mishap and a risky gamble led to their loss in the first round.  I was hoping they would take their pudding and wings further, but I’m glad they got the chance to share their cuisine with a nationwide audience.  Besides, its so much better eating their pudding than watching it on TV!

Stay tuned for the next Food Truck Friday.  I’ll be tracking down another Great Food Truck Race competitor.  Cheers!

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2 Responses to “Food Truck Friday: Nana Queens Puddin’ and Wings”

  1. It was sad to see them kicked off the show. They were so upset. 🙁 It's time that we try their truck out!

  2. I call this Food Truck Torture. Did you have to make the photos of the wings smack my hungry like that? #rude