Food Truck Friday: Donut Ice Cream From Lake Street Creamery


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I happened upon the Lake Street Creamery truck a couple weeks ago at the Wednesday Night Alpine Village truck stop (also known as Dinner Under the Stars!).

I was just there to check out the trucks that night and hadn’t planned on getting a full meal.  But to quote Bill Cosby, “There’s always room for  Jello Ice Cream!”.

Checking out their menu, my attention quickly zeroed in on a flavor: Donut.  The other five sounded interesting — particularly Pancake Breakfast and Aztec Sacrifice — but my head was spinning at the thought of a cold, creamy scoop of ice cream, flavored with cake donut.

I got the single scoop ($4…yikes!) and enjoyed it thoroughly, savoring each and every smooth, creamy bite.

It was better than I imagined!  They had taken the flavor of a fresh donut and transferred it into ice cream.  Wow.  I’m gonna have to nominate them for a Nobel prize!

Oh, they also get props for serving their ice cream in cute little waffle cone shaped into bowls.  You can eat the “bowl” as you go, making for a tasty side to the ice cream and keeping the experience “green” by getting rid of paper cups.  The only thing left to throw away is a wooden spoon.  Nice.

If I can get past the price per scoop, I’ll be quick to try the other flavors.  If the flavors are on par with the Donut, this will be one ice cream truck worth chasing after!

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  1. LOVE Lakestreet!! Donut is by far the best 🙂