The Wait for Your Next Food Truck Order Just Got Shorter with PayDragon Mobile Payments

Are you tired of waiting in long lines for a gourmet food truck? If so, you are not alone. If you are interested in a new service which eliminates waiting in line, let me tell you about PayDragon.

It seems like everywhere you go, someone is playing with their smartphone. Companies like PayDragon have recognized this phenomenon and have developed not only an app, but an entire service which benefits consumers, restaurants, and mobile food operators.

Being able to locate a restaurant based on your location is not new. Yelp has been doing this for years. Even newer is the ability to order a meal from your smartphone, but what PayDragon has to offer is the ability to pre-order and pay for your meal without having to wait in line.

How it works

Screen image from Pay Dragon discover feature

Screen image from Pay Dragon discover feature – all images provided by Pay Dragon

Once the free app is downloaded to your smartphone, users of the PayDragon app are able to use the “Discover” feature to locate food trucks and restaurants nearby. Using PayDragon, menu options may be viewed and payment can be made prior to visiting the establishment.

Rounds Burger Menu from Pay Dragon interface

Rounds Burger Menu from Pay Dragon interface

Buy Now order screen

Buy Now order screen

Once the order has been placed, a receipt ticket is printed at the truck or restaurant. At the time the order is ready, the operator uses the PayDragon supplied hardware to click on “done” and that sends notification to the PayDragon user that the order is ready to be picked up.

Let’s face it, no one likes to wait in line; especially on a hot day. Using Pay Dragon, you can sit in the comfort of your air conditioned car and wait until your order is ready. Maybe you would rather chat with your friends sitting in the shade instead of baking for an hour in the hot sun.

I had an opportunity to speak with George Saade, owner of the Rounds Burger Truck. He has been a Pay Dragon customer for the last 5 months. At a recent Eat|See|Hear event, he said that he had about 100 people in line. Users of PayDragon were able to place and order, be notified when it was ready and pick it up without having to wait in line.

In talking with George a bit more, I learned that PayDragon provided him with a receipt printer and an iPad so that he could notify a PayDragon customer when the order was ready. He was extremely pleased with the support he received from PayDragon and had nice things to say about CEO, Hamilton Chan

I downloaded the app and was able to find a number of food trucks listed. Also included were some restaurants as well. One of my favorite Thai restaurants, Ayara Thai in Westchester is listed in the app. Any establishment with the red offer flag has a special deal if you use the Pay Dragon app. As an example, Rounds Burger offers free french fries if you order a burger and a drink.

The PayDragon app is freely available for the iPhone and the Android. PayDragon is busy working on a Blackberry app and expects to have that available soon. If you don’t like waiting in lines, I strongly suggest you take a look at PayDragon.

Check out the short video below describing how it works or get more details at their website,

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