Two Sexy Food Blogs Show Men and Women How to Impress in the Kitchen: “Cook This…Get Laid” and “My Man’s Belly”

On Valentine’s Day – and the other 364 days of the year – lovers look for ways to please the special person in their life. Flowers, chocolate, and dining out are usually part of their plan.

Unfortunately, the simple art of cooking at home is often overlooked.

After all, don’t they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? And vice versa, aren’t ladies impressed with guys that know their way around a kitchen?

With those questions in mind, two Los Angeles based food blogs provide the answer: Cook This…Get Laid and My Man’s Belly. These valuable recipe and advice outlets provide thorough details on making moves on a sweetie’s heart by first making moves in the kitchen.

Cook This Get Laid

Cook This Get Laid

Cook This…Get Laid is written by LA based, health-food writer Mona Holmes-Nisker. The focus of her blog is to provide cooking and relationship advice for men. Oddly enough, the majority of her readers are women!

By sharing healthy recipes with clear instructions and relationship advice gained from many years of dating and marriage, Mona is the perfect coach for getting guys to cook meals that are beneficial for both sides of a couple.

Mona emphasizes that yes, men are focused on one thing and both men and women can use that focus to eat healthier while getting more of what they want.

This Valentine’s Day, Mona is sharing a chicken pot pie recipe while pondering the idea of forced romance on a specific day of the year.

My Man's Belly

My Man’s Belly

You can consider My Man’s Belly the yin to Cook This…Get Laid’s yang. Blog author Pamela Braun swears by the old adage that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Writing from Hermosa Beach, Pamela’s recipes are for the modern woman that needs ideas for comfort foods that help snag the man of her dreams and keep him once he’s on the hook.

Along with her recipes, she offers heartfelt advice on all areas of relationships, from re-learning the art of spontaneity to why you shouldn’t make a sex tape.

For Valentine’s Day, Pamela is sharing a panty-dropping recipe for short ribs and lusty, chocolate covered figs for dessert.

I really enjoy both of these blogs and I hope you’ll read along.  Don’t forget to follow their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube outlets too. Start today and it might turn your whole Valentine’s Day around!

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