Introducing Rubi, a Redbox for Coffee (Plus a Code for a Free Cup!)

Vending machines have been around for ages including coffee machines. But my, how the times have changed! Rubi is a new coffee vending machine that stands to change the game for your next cup of joe.

Rubi is basically a Seattle's Best Coffee vending machine.

Rubi vending machines offer coffee on demand that is the same caliber as your local coffee shop.

Produced by Coinstar, the brains behind the movie rental kiosk known as Redbox, Rubi follows the same process for choosing a cup of freshly brewed coffee as you might expect for choosing a movie.

Browse the menu and choose from plain or flavored coffees. Selections include caramel, vanilla, and mocha. Decaf and Hot chocolate are also available.

Each cup start with whole beans from Seattle’s Best Coffee. The beans are ground and pressed for each order.

Rubi is basically a Seattle's Best Coffee vending machine.

Rubi is basically a Seattle’s Best Coffee vending machine.

Along with a reasonalble selection are reasonable prices, starting at $1 for a 12oz cup and $1.50 for a 16oz serving.

But don’t worry about the prices for now! We’ve got a code you can use for free until Sunday, April 14th.

Stop by any of the South Bay Rubi locations (all of which are inside Ralph’s grocery stores) and enter the code FOODIE when you check out. You’ll be treated to a free cup of your choice. You can use the code as often as you like through Sunday.

Follow this link to find the Rubi locaiton closest to you or find one at these South Bay Ralph’s locations:

  • Ralphs Grocery, 5035 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance, CA 90505
  • Ralphs Grocery, 3455 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505
  • Ralphs Grocery, 1770 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501
  • Ralphs Grocery, 1413 Hawthorne Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
  • Ralphs Grocery, 650 E Carson St, Carson, CA 90745

After you try it out, come back and leave a comment to let us know what you think. Will you make Rubi your go-to destination for coffee on the go? Let us know!

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3 Responses to “Introducing Rubi, a Redbox for Coffee (Plus a Code for a Free Cup!)”

  1. I love the idea but the machine doent always work. I’ve lost over five dollars . Hopefully they get all the bugs out.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Lloyd! I’ve tried Rubi at two different locations and they’ve worked fine. The coffee has been good, just a little hot when it came out. I just learned to let it cool off for a few minutes before sipping! 😀

  3. Hi,
    I love coffee but we don’t have coffee like this in our area. Thanks for your cool coffee.