Pizza Rev Opens in El Segundo; Reasonably Priced Unlimited Toppings on a Custom Made Pizza

The dining options along El Segundo’s bustling Sepulveda corridor will expand today with the opening of Pizza Rev, a build-your-own pizza place.

The patio outside Pizza Rev's new El Segundo location.

The patio outside Pizza Rev’s new El Segundo location.

Budget-minded diners will appreciate the concept: for around $8, you get a custom made pizza with unlimited toppings; follow this link to the menu.  The requisite sausage and pepperoni are available but fancier toppings are also included for no upcharge:  kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, capers, fennel, and many more.  Four sauces are available (olive oil, red sauce, white sauce, BBQ sauce) and can be mixed for additional combinations.

The end result is a fresh, gourmet pizza made to specification.  Salads are also on the menu.

Fennel sausge pizza, topped with arugula.

Fennel sausge pizza, topped with arugula.

Along with the pizza and salads, dessert pizzas are also made fresh.  First topped with frosting, the cinnamony crust is then drizzled with raspberry, chocolate, or caramel sauce.

A sweet, tender dessert pizza topped with frosting and raspberry sauce.

A sweet, tender dessert pizza topped with frosting and raspberry sauce.

Pizza Rev has also made quenching thirsts part of the fun.  For beverage service they’ve installed a Coca-Cola Freestyle, a touch screen soda fountain that features a couple dozen soda flavors.  Even after selecting a base soda, the machine provides different options for flavoring like adding vanilla flavor to your Mello Yello.  I added cherry-vanilla to my Coke Zero.

Pizza Rev El Segundo Soda Machine 2

Pizza Rev El Segundo Soda Machine 1

With so many new additions to the lunchtime and dinner options along Sepulveda, Pizza Rev is a good fit.  The neighboring eateries are popular, fast casual places but are more traditional in their fare: burgers, sandwiches, and Mexican food.  Pizza Rev will make for a good change of scene.

* Some items mentioned in this article were provided on a complimentary basis for the purpose of this review. Prices and menu items mentioned are subject to change without notice. This story was accurate when it was published and reflects the uninfluenced opinion of the reviewers.

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