Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Opens Flagship Store in Torrance (Plus $1 Drinks!)

The South Bay’s newest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has opened in Torrance at the corner of Crenshaw Blvd and 182nd St.  The new coffee shop is being labeled as a “flagship” store for the Los Angeles based company.

Why a flagship?  A press release from “The Coffee Bean” (as the name is often shortened) commented on what makes this location so special.

The new South Bay location features a drive-thru and incorporates new design elements from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, including high windows and an open floor plan, to create a comfortable and welcoming space unlike anything in the area.

This location has been on our radar for a while as we watched the construction take place.  Those familiar with the location will quickly realize that Coffee Bean remodeled the old Burger King that formerly occupied the space.  In my opinion, the drive through was a big plus for the coffee shop…there are only a few coffee shops in the area providing that convenience.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Coming Soon to Torrance

This picture — taken in September, 2013 — shows construction underway at the South Bay’s newest Coffee Bean. The store opened on January 20, 2014 and will be hosting a special event for guests on Friday, January 24.

To celebrate the store’s opening, Coffee Bean will be serving guests a drink of their choice for $1 on Friday, January 24 from 2 to 6 PM.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the PTA of North High School which is just down the street from the coffee shop.

With this opening, the South Bay has become a regular proving ground for Coffee Bean.  In November of 2012, the company opened a prototype tea bar in Manhattan Beach.

  • New Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Opens in Torrance with $1 Drinks on Friday, 1/24 2-6 PM
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  1. I’ll have to check this one out also! Bottoms up with this one too!!! Where does that pecan pie come from on the right of the page? You know I love pecans!!

  2. Yes! Coffee Bean is a treat. Lots of good coffees, teas…and my favorite: hot chocolate.

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    I can’t recall where it came from but I will update when I do! 😀

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