Pollo a La Brasa at Mamita’s Grill in Carson

There’s a new place in the South Bay to get Pollo a la Brasa or Peruvian roasted chicken! Mamita’s Grill opened up in Carson last March and now less than 2 months since it opened, customers are raving about the flavorful Peruvian rotisserie chicken offered there.

Mamita's Grill

Mamita’s Grill

They offer their rotisserie chicken as individual orders or as whole chickens. Their individual orders can be bought as chicken only (starting at $3.99) or as combinations with two side items (starting at $5.99). The side items are rice, black or pinto beans, cole slaw, potato salad and garden salad. One whole chicken is $10.99. They serve their chicken with the spicy aji verde green sauce.

One Whole Mamita's Grill Whole Chicken

One Whole Mamita’s Grill Whole Chicken

Pollo a la Brasa is the main specialty at Mamita’s Grill but they also have various daily specials. Some of the daily specials that they have offered include Peruvian pork adobo, chicken tacos and papa rellanas. Similar to the pollo a la brasa, these dishes offer customers a good sampling of delicious Peruivan cuisine.

It’s great to see this place open up in the South Bay! In 2013, Peruvian chicken was actually listed among the top three hottest foods in the US. With it’s delicious take on Pollo a La Brasa, Mamita’s Grill in Carson is sure to give further reason for folks to have Peruvian chicken as one of their favorite foods!

  • Mamita’s Grill
    • 21620 S. Figueroa St, Carson, CA 90745; (310) 212-7970


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