Finding Southern California Dining at Doma Kitchen

Doma has intrigued me for about 6 months. Why it has taken so long to get here I can’t recall, but it has now become a favorite; its a place I intend on taking out-of-town guests for a true “Southern California dining experience”.

First off, the outdoor seating area is wonderfully relaxing and more spacious than it appears from the street. Orders are taken at a small indoor counter and food is delivered straight to your table as you relax with complimentary orange-and-mint-infused water.

The menu is concise and fairly exotic. I learned the chef/owners have a Slavic background and this is echoed in some of the ethnic dishes: borscht soup, spiced lamb and chicken cooked on vertical skewers, and a few home-made phyllo dough pastries. They also have a variety of waffles, crepes, and sandwiches served on artisanal breads.

Kale salad with lamb.

Kale salad with lamb.

My husband ordered the Plov (a traditional dish of rice, spices, beans, and fresh onions and tomatoes) and added chicken. I ordered a half portion of kale salad with feta, garbonzo beans, tomatoes, and added lamb (a favorite of mine that is rare in quick service restaurants). To compliment our meals we splurged on an order of fresh cut fries.

The only complaint I could muster about Doma is that the meal took a remarkably long time to be delivered, about 15 mins. I actually got up to go check on the status as they walked toward me with our lunch. To be fair it was very busy when we arrived and there was a good 10 min wait to place an order so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

After the long wait we were starving and dug right in. Everything was well seasoned and had lovely textures. The lamb and chicken were moist and tasty. My salad was huge for being a half portion and the herb dressing I requested on the side was not needed; It turned into a dip for the fries. Speaking of the fries, I wasn’t blown away. I don’t know if they sat too long before being served, but they were on the soggy side and almost too greasy. Needless to say I won’t be tempted again, which is a good thing since they have so many other healthier choices.

My husbands Plov was by far the star of the meal. I found myself stealing bite after bite. I had a chance to speak to an employee on my way out and she explained the key is in their large, cast iron pot and long, slow cooking process. I would go back specifically for that dish.

Doma's Patio

Doma’s dining room is a patio with a variety of covered tables to choose from.

I believe we spent around $30 for all three items and we left full and happy. Doma prides itself on supporting local sources for produce and meats which typically increases the cost. I didn’t feel the prices were higher than other cafes in the area. We took advantage of the free water but they offered a variety of organic and local sodas and teas. The families around us had at least one order of waffles on their tables and everyone seemed to be enjoying them immensely. The patio is dog friendly, well shaded, and offers a variety of table sizes and styles (picnic, high top, cozy café booths). Doma is constantly hosting community themed nights, wine tastings, fundraisers, and more. Stop in and experience a new dish under the Redondo sun.

  • Doma Kitchen
    • 420 N. Pacific Coast Highway 310-372-7298
    • Open 9 AM – 3 PM, Sat and Sun;  9 AM – 8 PM, Tues-Fri; Closed Mondays
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