Help Name a New Beer from El Segundo Brewing Company

El Segundo Brewing Company (ESBC) has some pretty cool names for their beers.

“Hop Tanker” Double IPA takes it name from the oil tankers that rest just off the shore of El Segundo Beach. “Standard Crude” American Imperial Stout is a nod to the Standard Oil company’s refinery just down the street from the brewery. My favorite, “Hyperion” Stout, is a tribute to the Hyperion Water Treatment facility that brings clean water (and pleasant aromas) to the community.

This week, ESBC shared the following on their email list:

We are in a sticky situation. We’ve got a BRAND NEW Double IPA, and it is smokin’ fresh, and absolutely amazing. But no name.

Turning to their consituents, they’re asking for suggestions to name the new brew. As a prompt, they described the hoppiness as “full of Simcoe and Mosaic which basically makes it Tropical-Blueberrydankess”.

Any suggestions?

Stop by their tasting room for the cask tapping on Friday, January 9 to sample some for yourself and to cast a ballot.

Taproom Hours are Monday – Thursday 5pm – 9pm; Friday 4pm – 10pm; Saturday 12pm – 10pm; and Sunday 12pm – 7pm.


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2 Responses to “Help Name a New Beer from El Segundo Brewing Company”

  1. Hop of Darkness, a nod to Mr. Conrad.

  2. OK! 😀