…The Website


Los Angeles is a paradise for food lovers.  We’ve got more restaurants than the average foodie can visit in a lifetime!  Of course, that won’t stop us from rising to the challenge.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for something to eat in LA, there are hundreds of resources online to help you.  Unfortunately, many of these channels overlook a gem in the crown of LA’s foodscape:  The South Bay.

The South Bay, that part of LA generally south of LAX airport and west of the 110 freeway, is an amazing place to live, work, play…and of course, eat.

It’s our mission at South Bay Foodies, to share our knowledge of the fabulous (and sometimes, the not so fabulous) cuisine and happenings that the South Bay has to offer.

Our goal is to be a valued resource as you navigate the sushi shops, burger stands, and fine dining on our side of town.

…The People

sbf_about_banner_2The South Bay Foodies are a group of folks that enjoy family, good friends and good food.  We like to eat out, cook at home, sample beverages, and explore the diversity of culinary experiences that Los Angeles has to offer.  We will grill just about anything and are not likely to turn down an invitation to a happy hour, dinner at your place, or a trip to try out a new restaurant.

Michael is the Executive Editor for South Bay Foodies.  In addition to scouting out and documenting good eats around LA, he relies on the wealth of knowledge that he finds in his fellow foodies.  He says, “This web site comes together nicely with the help of my friends and family.  You guys are the best!”

Nicole is the main contributor for the fitness and healthy living web site What Skinny People Do”. She is a leader in the battle of turning flab into fit. You can find her in Los Angeles coaching youth sports, counting calories on her body bug, or researching healthy recipes.
Bryan enjoys experiencing the creativity and uniqueness of food from small “Mom and Pop” restaurants. He particularly enjoys learning about culture and believes that a good way to do this is to experience ethnic cuisine outside of your normal fare. For now, gourmet food trucks fits this need and as a result, he has become a devoted food truck chaser.  You’ll find him on Twitter: @btsunoda.
Jenn is the blogger behind the food blog “Hello Kitty Foodie.” You can find her running around the South Bay carrying her Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” bag in one hand and a hello kitty iPhone in the other for taking Instagram food photos. She loves all things cute like cupcakes and macarons!
Linda moved from the South Bay by way of the East Coast and is exploring her new surroundings one bite at a time. She is a true foodie at heart, enrolling in culinary school and quitting her full-time job to pursue her food, nutrition, and wellness centered goals. You can always count on her to be bargain hunting for daily specials and posting pictures or recipes on her many social media accounts. Wholesome and nutritious meals are her weekday staples, but the occasional ice cream taste test or french fry showdown is what her weekends are all about.