Food Truck Friday: LA Trucks Lead the Pack on Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race”

Food Network is contributing to the mobile kitchen hype with their very own food-truck-centered reality show, “The Great Food Truck Race”.  Hosted by Food Network star Tyler Florence, the show premieres this Sunday, August 15 at 10 PM PST.

The goal of each leg of the race is for the trucks to sell as much food as they can in a new city.  Those that succeed move on the the next city; the truck with the lowest income heads home.  The grand prize for the over all winner?  $50,000!

With Los Angeles often being cited as the genesis of the gourmet food truck trend, its no surprise that five of the seven trucks competing on “Food Truck Race” are from the LA area including the South Bay’s own Ragin’ Cajun truck, based out of Hermosa Beach.

For this edition of Food Truck Friday, I’m giving a quick over view of the five local trucks that will be racing to win the first season of “The Great Food Truck Race”.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to try the food from all of these trucks; only Nana Queens and Nom Nom.  Over the next month or so, I’m hoping to track down each truck and sample their cuisine.

Who’s getting your vote to take it all in the race?  Leave a comment!

Ragin’ Cajun, Hermosa Beach * * On Facebook

The South Bay’s own Ragin’ Cajun truck makes authentic Louisiana Cajun food “2 geuax”.  The truck is an extension of the popular restaurant located on Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach.

Nana Queens, Culver City * * @nanaqueens

The Nana Queens take banana pudding to new heights with flavors like strawberry, caramel, and Oreo. On the savory side, wings and things keep fingers lickable with a variety of sauces including BBQ mango and garlic Parmesan.

Crepes Bonaparte, Fullerton *

With a catering business on the back end, Crepes Bonaparte takes all kinds of authentic crepes on the road.  With enough variety to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner, their sweet and savory offerings range from “Plain Jane” (ham, egg, and mozzarella) to “Spicy Apple Bottoms” (cinnamon apple, caramel, and whipped cream).

Grill ‘Em All, Los Angeles *

Mixing a love of rock and roll with the hunger that results from partying hard, Grill Em All features five signature burgers including the “Behemoth” and “Molly Hatchet”.  Tater tots, fries, and dipping sauces (chipotle ketchup!?)  round out the band.

Nom Nom Truck, Los Angeles *

Asian fusion finds harmony on the Nom Nom Truck in the form of tacos and banh mi — Vietnamese sandwiches of seasoned meat or tofu, fresh vegetables, and crusty French bread.  Check out my review of Nom Nom in a recent edition of Food Truck Friday.

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